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We work with start up businesses and SME’s to develop and promote their brand, giving them all of the necessary elements to make an impact in their market place and connect with their audience. We also work with established companies to develop their brand and create further outreach.

Working closely with our clients, we develop vision and values, set the brief, establish the brand and help launch and promote this to your audience. You are the experts in your market and collaboratively, we work with you to achieve your goals.

A specialist in brand and design, Phil Bennett has spent the last 6 years in industry building on his knowledge, working with start up businesses to create and develop their brands, and established companies to improve, scale and grow their brands. Phil now builds and manages teams to achieve the required outcomes for PIP’s clients.

Our Process

01. Develop

In order to achieve the desired outcome, we work in partnership with our clients, collaborating with them to compose a brief that will act as a guideline for all works to be carried out, ensuring that the key points are adhered to throughout the whole process.

02. Design

Part of building a brand is creating an engaging identity, website and supporting collateral. We develop these with the end output and audience in mind, ensuring that everything produced is informative and engaging.

03. Market

After creating a brand and building its core elements, we look at the ways in which this can be marketed. Considering your audience and how they engage helps us to reach out and interact with them.

04. Promote

As part of the marketing process, we look at how to promote your brand. A key part of this is looking at how your audiences interact and where their interests are, allowing us to increase promotion in this area and generate interest in your brand.

Our Clients