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The Project
November 2018

Paving the way in founder and entrepreneurial wellbeing.


In a fast-paced world, keeping up is incredibly tiring. This fatigue then has deep and lasting effects on entrepreneurs and founders, which is subsequently causing stress, anxiety and wellbeing issues. With few places to turn to to discuss their issues, business founders and on a rollercoaster of a journey and so weare3Sixty was devised – helping to fuel founders to thrive, not just survive start-up life.


The principal aspect of weare3Sixty is that there is a cyclical gaining and sharing of information. This means that founders act as advisors to founders needing help and guidance. There are also professional practitioners involved in the social enterprise, assisting with physical and mental wellbeing as well as providing tools and training on building a better future in business. With this, it was key to pick up on the circles and perspectives within the brand visual identity.

“There are lots of graphic designers in this world; but ones that really invest in your brand – understand it, challenge it and defend it – are few and far between. PIP do this in spades, bringing big agency art-director skills to the new brands of the future.”

– Christina Richardson, Founder of weare3Sixty

The brand was devised to appeal to founders and entrepreneurs and so the use of colours in the palette is relatable to this market; the condensed, technical style typography also playing part in attracting and engaging with this demographic.

It was absolutely imperative to create a visual that was relatable, engaging but also trustworthy to founders and entrepreneurs of start-up and SME businesses.

We continue to work with weare3Sixty on their campaign to change the world of founders and entrepreneurial wellbeing and cannot wait to see what this revolutionary organisation have up their sleeve next!