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Edenwood Wealth Management

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    Edenwood Wealth Management

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    Strategy, Branding, Print Design, VI System

The Project
February 2019

A dynamic new look for the wealth management industry.


The financial advisory industry is saturated with ageing brands. Edenwood Wealth Management was devised in 2018 by two experience financial practitioners and is paving the way for the new practices setting the prescience for the future.


Having discussed the state of the industry and the style of brands with the key stakeholders of Edenwood, it became apparent that this was to be like no other practice of financial advisors and instead drive the future practice of wealth management.

Appealing to the current clients of its principals in this brand development was key, however, a more pressing matter was to develop something to engage with the new clientele – the younger generations that would become the retained clients of the future for the practice.

Looking at the sharp, clean cut dynamic and the modernisation of wealth management, we crafted a three part logo of which consisted of an emblem, a typography logo and then a descriptor line. These elements can be combined to be used together, or separated and used independently of each other. We then utilised the angular cuts of the geometric emblem to devise a brand support mechanism, representing the upward growth the advisory service provides.

Bringing in green and grey meant a further step away from the general blue, grey, gold and cream colours used by the majority in the industry and gave us the opportunity to add a different dimension to the brand elements. Bringing in tones of green and using white to create contrast across collateral.