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AWS Founders Stories eBook

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    Graphic Design, Conceptualisation, Artworking

The Project
July 2018

A fun, exciting and dynamic sales and engagement piece for AWS.


Creative Director: The Hoxby Collective

AWS is arguably one of the most disruptive and successful cloud computing services in the world. With over 1 million clients, it’s rate of success is measured in line with the vast amount of innovation and products its developing and releasing. There is everything to everyone from small server systems to global scale networks. A huge part of their client base are founders and entrepreneurs from startup business in the tech sector and as part of their marketing strategy, they wanted to utilise and market the stories and successes of their founders.


We interviewed each of the hand selected 25 founders and got them to tell us their personal journey – the trials and tribulations, the successes and the hard failures. Each story gave use context and the ability to go and search for imagery and materials that could be utilised to create a visual response and develop a sketchbook journal style to contain all of these inspiring tales. We utilised the skills of illustrators to develop portraits of some of the founders as well as cityscapes from a selection of the stories.

We developed this retro style travel journal to contain the visual stories, all bound together in one big digital volume. The piece also included interactive elements such as Spotify playlists of the founders selected songs, video links, product hyperlinks and a navigation, allowing the users to jump through the volume to areas of interest.

The journal was developed in 5 periodically released journals delivered in both eBook and interactive PDF formats. We were creatively directed by Hoxby Collective and worked as part of a team of designers, conceptualists, developers, illustrators, copywriters, editors and journalists to produce this inspiring piece of literature of which we are incredibly proud of.