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Compass Box Whisky – The Circle Competition

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    Compass Box

The Project
September 2019

Developing whisky for the next generation.


For the second year, the Compass Box – The Circle competition is in full swing and this time it’s bigger and better than last year! With seven fantastic bartenders from around the world taking part, the competition showcases their talents in the race to develop this years Circle, a blended whisky developed in a collaboration between the winning bartender and Compass Box.


As part of this year’s competition, the bartenders were charged with having to develop and present their whisky blend and present this alongside a product concept for the liquid. An added element to this year’s competition was to also produce a visual concept for the label that would be used on the bottle of the final blended whisky.

Working with two bartenders, we created very different visuals that summed up their blended whisky. Each was different in taste, smell and colour and the notes and tastes were supported by the visual concepts of the labels and mood board of imagery that we created.

The first was for Mannie Monaghan, owner of Below Stairs in Leeds, who’s blended whisky was herbaceous and savoury in taste and smell. The idea behind this whisky was to encourage experimentation and so we developed a look and feel that took on a lab-style, allowing the user to fill in information on the label themselves and having minimal information on there. Using slight colour and infographics brought more of a clinical dimension to the product.

The second of the designs was created for Rob Scott, General Manager of The Monarchy in Singapore, who’s nostalgia and heritage shone through in his blended whisky with notes of buttery french patisserie and breads along with grain. His French heritage was the focal point for our label design and the deep layers, rustic and earthy colour palette combined with a splash of gold gave this a real homely feel.

Our congratulations go to all participants completing this stage of the competition and a big congratulations to Mannie Monaghan as the final finalist!!!