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AWS Founders Stories – Issue 2

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The Project
August 2019

Celebrating the success of founders using AWS for the second year running.


Creative Director: The Hoxby Collective

For the second year in a row, working with The Hoxby Collective, we developed the Founders Stories – Issue 2. This collection of stories featured all from shipping logistics companies to banks, autonomous vehicles to fintech. This year, we developed on the success that the Founders Stories e-Book had, refreshing the visuals and keeping true to the journalistic style that we developed initially.


After carrying out interviews with 25 different businesses and organisations, our journalists developed on the founders personal stories, the ups and downs, the celebrations and the toil. Each founder provided information that allowed us to search for and utilise imagery, develop illustrations and other visual materials, forming a visual representation of key points of their stories. From starting up a business in a lounge, dining in the car between meetings and evolving from selling aftershaves and perfumes to providing sales insights, we’ve seen it all in this collection of stories.

We retained the retro style travel journal to contain the visual stories, all bound together in one big digital volume, along with the interactive elements such as Spotify playlists of the founders selected songs, video links, product hyperlinks and a navigation, allowing the users to jump through the volume to areas of interest. A development to the cover and backgrounds as well as the founder collection pages was implemented to give a little refresh to areas throughout.

The journal was developed in 5 periodically released journals delivered in interactive PDF formats. We were creatively directed by Hoxby Collective and worked as part of a team of designers, conceptualists, developers, illustrators, copywriters, editors and journalists to produce this inspiring piece of literature of which we are incredibly proud of.