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The Sleep Charity

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    The Sleep Charity

The Project
September 2019

Helping to raise the profile of The Sleep Charity – Empowering the nation to get better sleep.


The Sleep Charity is a national organisation, providing sleep support to children, families and professional from all walks of life. The aim is to empower the nation to get better sleep. Did you know, for example, that poor sleep costs the economy an estimated £40.2billion in lost productivity, steadily rising to £47billion by 2030. The Sleep Charity wants to change the way we look at sleep to enable us all to be able to perform better and live better.

Established in 2012 as The Children’s Sleep Charity, the charity’s brand was becoming outdated and too specific. The team recognised the need for a revamp in order to appeal to the developing market and audience. With a goal of reaching out to professionals and training them on sleep, they realised that it was important to reflect this in their brand look and feel. 


We worked with Vicki, the charity’s CEO, to develop our understanding of the change in direction and what we needed to achieve. From this, we produced an in-depth project brief and carried out research and analysis on the market, competitors and partners.

Following this, we pulled together a multitude of creative routes and options, looking at concepts including patterning from hypnograms, dreamy stylised containments and type based responses. After carrying out creative development, we settled on the star vortex route, seen in the final logo. We then looked at the brand support mechanism, producing the gradient halo, softening the brand and creating a dynamic element for use across all digital and print applications.

We launched the brand in 2019 and since then have developed multiple elements of collateral, all of which help to articulate the charity’s new direction.

We are developing a lot of other assets and collateral, so watch this space!