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Teen Sleep Hub

The Project
September 2020

Teenage sleep deprivation is becoming an epidemic. Anxiety, school, diet and screen time are just some of the key causes. But we’ve developed an interactive eBook packed with information to help!


We worked with The Sleep Charity to build a sleep hub specifically for teenagers. With the current Covid-19 situation, funding was being made available to help teenagers with their mental health; a key pillar of this being sleep.

Our long-standing work with The Sleep Charity meant that we understood what was needed for the corporate market, however, we needed to approach this project with a fresh perspective to ensure we have consistency in the brand, yet appeal to a completely different market. Queue the Youth Panels, interactive eBook and Hints & Tips videos!

Our latest project, which was aimed at meeting the needs of young people, needed a different approach to our usual design brief. PIP was strategic in working with us, offering their expertise and advice, to develop engaging and diverse ideas, away from the normal digital solution, that delivered exactly what we needed.

They took the time to develop an amazing creative for this project on feedback from our Youth Panel and have translated the brief into an end result which has surpassed all expectations.

PIP always goes the extra mile and led on project planning the whole design concept from start to finish to ensure our tight timescales were met and that the process was stress-free. The response to the project creative has been fantastic, propelling the charity brand to another level – we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.
Lisa Artis – Deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity


Initially, our project was going to heavily focus on a digital platform of information that would be updated constantly with new advice, evidence and information. However, after building a youth advisory panel of around 30 teenagers, it became clear that this would just become another website that would be visited once and not referred back to. We needed a different approach that was going to engage, excite and retain the attention of teenagers.

We developed the idea of an interactive eBook; something that would be downloadable and contain advice and information that teenagers want to engage with to help improve their sleep. The Sleep Charity developed the content alongside the youth advisory panel and it became clear that alongside advice, teenagers were concerned with evidence and backing up the claims and advice provided.

Taking these findings into consideration and consulting with the youth advisory panel at multiple points throughout the project, the eBook has been developed; packed with information, backed up with video content, links to reference materials, resources such as podcasts and playlists aiding meditation and promoting relaxation. All of this has been developed with bespoke illustration and creative pull-outs throughout the book.

Alongside this, we have put together a landing page with a sign up form to enable young people to submit their information, receive an email with the link and then get follow-up advice emails intermittently, helping them to improve their sleep.

We are working on many more assets and developing the Teen Sleep Hub for The Sleep Charity, with more video content to be added, outreach to schools and organisations and helping to build a national advice bank for teens!