Space With-In Website

The Project
October 2020

Bringing space, journey and discovery online for Space With-In.

After completing the brand redevelopment for Space With-In, we took to developing a design layout for the website.

Space With-In’s focus is to enable discovery, play and development through the provision of space and time. This was important in developing the brief for the website as it was imperative to the brand to allow the user to experience these elements from the outset.

The 16 column grid allowed us to offset the text and imagery, overlapping and creating a pathway down the homepage. We integrated collaborations and resources sections as carousel sliders which are used to showcase news, thoughts, information and podcasts.

The user journey’s through the site, discovering information at their own pace; being met with visuals that calm and reflect the content.

Working with Phil from PIP is a dream. He’s the first designer who’s been able to capture the essence of my work and brand, in a way that brings it to life for others. In particular he is able to be with, and understand the paradoxical nature of me and my business – and has created a new brand, website, and podcast identities that embrace the edges of that, rather than bringing it all to the middle where it loses its zing.

He’s a wonderful man, who listens with heart and soul as well as brain, he partners beautifully and his love for gorgeous aesthetic is a joy! He has a great team around him too and brings much ease and enjoyment to a process that I’ve previously found laborious and dull. Thanks heaps, Phil.”
Laura Beckingham – Founder of Space With-In