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Soulhub Journal – The Collective

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The Project
December 2020

Soulhub – the place your heart knows and your soul craves. Collating, laying out and developing over 100 stories, pieces or artwork and collaborations for an incredible organisation.


Over the last 5 years, Soulhub has grown and developed into a rich collective of collaborators and contributors, all sharing their stories, skills and works to help and encourage everyone to reach their best selves.

The Journal has developed over time, culminating in the latest edition – The Journal Collective. Our brief was simple – Pull it together.


Simply put, we put together the collection of journals that have been developed over the last 5 years, with a few tweaks throughout, however, the cover needed to be produced.

With such engaging and invigorating content, we wanted the energies from each of the cover artists to come through, whilst retaining familiarity and link back to each of the journals roots. The result was an amalgamation of the pieces, layered, cut, pasted and manipulated to bring a balance to all of the pieces.

The Journal Collective was then edited and artworked for KDP – Amazon’s Print On Demand system, allowing this collection of beautiful content to reach all corners of the earth, sharing the stories and pieces of work.

It has been an absolute pleasure to pull together this piece – all 360 pages of it! You can order your copy now from Amazon, here.