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Paramount Parents eBook

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    University of Southampton & Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

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    eBook Design & Development, Illustration & Print

The Project
September 2022

Providing concise, engaging and simple information to families in need.


Develop an interactive eBook with information sheets and forms for parents of children with chronic pain, life-limiting, and life-threatening illnesses.


We have been working with the University of Southampton, in conjunction with Great Ormond Street Hospital, to develop a piece assisting parents of children with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses in managing chronic pain.

A research study was carried out and the information piece was pulled together by the incredible research team. We were then tasked with presenting this information in a clear and concise way to parents, but also developing it so that their children could understand this with them.

The document was developed as both a print and a digital piece, providing accessibility for all who may need this invaluable advice.

We started by developing a style for the piece; keeping the look and feel light and clean, allowing breathing space for the information to be easily digested. We also developed a colour palette to compliment the brands of the two core organisations involved.

From this, we went on to devise a suite of illustrations, providing much-needed breaks to the content-heavy piece. These illustrations were developed to represent the diverse range of users of this piece.

A large portion of the illustration and graphical development for this piece was the 40+ physiotherapy diagrams that we created from scratch – something that has really provided great clarity to this information and allowing people to follow this with ease.

Once the layout work had been completed, we worked through the collateral to build in form functionality and interactivity, providing users the ability to filter through the content with ease to find the advice they need. Building in form functionality also meant that parents and children could complete the piece and take this with them to their practitioner appointments.

Overall, the piece has been incredibly well received and has helped families in the management of the chronic pain in their children.

This project has been an absolute pleasure to work on with Professor Liossi and the team at the University of Southampton. We’re very privileged to have helped families in their time of need.

Content Spreads

Illustration Styling

Physiotherapy Diagrams

Interactive Form Elements