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Checkout Scotland Event Branding

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The Project
September 2022

Creating vibes for Checkout Scotland – the flagship GroceryAid event in Scotland.


Produce an energetic brand and look and feel for the flagship Scottish live music event, Checkout Scotland. In support of GroceryAid.



Events are a core way for GroceryAid, as a charity, to fundraise and help their beneficiaries. Each year, their event calendar is packed with fun and exciting events, and 2022 saw the flagship Scottish live music fundraiser, Checkout Scotland.

The event branding needed to be energetic and capture the essence of Scotland; the only stipulation that we had was to utilise blue as a colour, to help give the event a Scottish identity.

We produced a variety of logo concepts of which we presented to the event management team and upon their choosing, we then developed an accompanying identity – the vortex. This gave a lot of energy to the look and feel, bringing in a gradient of blue, purple and pink. We also developed neon assets that locked into the vortex lines and created highlights.

After we had the look and feel developed, we were tasked with putting this onto collateral, including up to 30 pieces of large format site signage, lanyards worn by each of the 750 individuals in attendance and multiple digital applications and formats.

Overall, the event was a huge success and the plans for 2023 have already commenced. We’re in the process of looking at other ways to activate the identity this year.

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