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Georgie Krone Social – Branding

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    Georgie Krone Social

The Project
May 2020

Empowering and educating business owners to manage their own social platforms.


Georgie Krone, formerly Heart Social, was set up in 2017 to help business owners develop their skills to manage their own social media channels. Many businesses use social media as their main form of promotion for their products or services, but don’t have the money to pay for a strategist or manager to carry out this work. Enter, Georgie Krone Social, providing training and workshops on managing this yourselves!


We engaged with Georgie, initially developing a scope and brief for the rebrand of her social media workshops. She used the name Heart Social which, after a while, it had come to light that it had run its course and a more personal approach to the brand was required. With the decision made to use her own name, we started to research opportunities and develop the brand for Georgie Krone Social.

The concept that we moved forward with was developed based on topography; the intricate levels and tiers of social media, combining all aspects of visual, copy, hashtags, links and data all coming together to create a standout platform of which to shine from.

We used a topographic pattern and developed a bright and engaging colour set that derived from an inspirational piece of fashion; something personal to Georgie. Something that she connected with. Alongside this, we used fine weight typography to develop a logo with perspective, complimenting the idea of vision.

Subsequently, we developed a full suite of social media banners and profile pictures as well as post and story templates. We also advised on aspects of the creative layout for the development of Georgie’s new website and continue to work on developing pieces of collateral.