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Understanding Your Sleep eBook

  • Client

    The Sleep Charity

  • Services

    eBook Design & Development, Illustration

The Project
May 2023

Supporting adults to understand more about their lifestyle and how it impacts sleep.


Produce an online, engaging resource aimed at adults, educating them on the importance of sleep and what they can do to aid better sleep.


Continuing on our work with The Sleep Charity and off of the back of their incredibly successful campaign with the Teen Sleep Hub, we worked with them to develop the Understanding Your Sleep eBook, specifically targeted at adults. The book was developed in partnership with Bed Advice, from the National Bed Federation.

The team at The Sleep Charity pulled together the content for the eBook based on their expert knowledge, alongside Dr Sophie Bostock who was responsible for the review of the content. Following this, we read through the copy to establish the best way to paginate and form the framework for the book.

Once we had the framework complete, we then established how to break the content to create a visual piece, appealing to multiple audiences. We created a suite of bespoke illustrations to reflect the content and accompanied this with a collection of icons and graphics to create a visual guide to the content. Throughout the book, we pulled out statistical information, hints and tips, and key information using callout boxes, catching the readers’ attention.

The colour palette fit with the charity’s core brand, whilst incorporating some additional colours to help segregate sections of content and create continuity throughout the illustrations and graphics in the book.

We also integrated some interactive elements for quizzes and checklists.

The eBook was published and supported by a bank of social graphics promoting the eBook as well as the key points and statistics, along with a supporters pack and digital assets containing posters for promotional use.

Download the eBook here