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The Sleep Charity – Online Training Hub

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The Project
June 2020

Providing sleep information and training to parents and professionals across the UK, making The Sleep Charity a truly national support mechanism for sleep.


As part of our ongoing working relationship with The Sleep Charity, we have developed a brand new online training hub, providing digital access to information and courses, bettering parents and professionals knowledge of sleep and supporting them to support families.

In the current situation where face-to-face training and courses aren’t able to be delivered, it has been ever more important to reach out to communities and professionals to continue providing support. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, sleep has suffered drastically with 75% of respondents to a survey stating that their sleep has been disrupted. The Sleep Charity provide courses, training, support and information for anyone that needs help with sleep.


With a huge array of course information available, the process began with mapping out what the courses should contain and how they would run and break down into modules, making it easy for users to navigate through and understand. This process was worked through by Vicki Dawson, the charity’s CEO and the team at PIP. Once our plan was developed, the team at The Sleep Charity started to re-write the content to fit more for an online audience, developing the structures of a script and breaking down key elements to be included in video content and creative.

We then started to build the slide decks of content and pull this together with the script, reviewing everything together to ensure continuity and flow. Once this was complete, we began to story board the video content and pull this together with a voice over, dropping in video clips and building the written content into a visually engaging piece of work.

To compliment the videos and course, we developed a workbook for the course of which contains the creative for the slides and spaces for the users to fill in notes, as well as sections for the exercises that we have included in the course. This can be downloaded as a PDF for people to use or can be purchased as a printed workbook.

In order to bring all of these elements together, we utilised Moodle, a platform developed for e-Learning and something that is used by schools, colleges and even corporate businesses to provide training to their staff. Once we had built the content, we customised the look and feel of the system and created the online course.

Alongside all of this, we have developed interlinking forms for sign up, process systems including Trello in the back end for the team to be able to process client sign-ups and multiple other systems to create a smooth running system and process around the courses.

We currently have the Foundation Sleep Workshop on the platform, provided for both parents and professional. We are in the process of completing a further 4 courses that will be uploaded incrementally to the platform, with more to come in the future.