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GroceryAid Awards Production

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    Video Production & Animation, Creative Design

The Project
January 2023

Rewarding contribution to an incredible charitable cause.


Each year, to thank their supporters, GroceryAid run the GroceryAid Awards, recognising the levels of input that each organisation have had.

There are four levels of awards; gold, silver, bronze and recognised supporters. Each of these levels are awarded against an organisations input to the charity. This could have been through financial donation, providing their expertise, helping to build awareness or attending one of their events.


Each organisation is proud of the work that they do to help build awareness of GroceryAid, and they are provided with a short video to post out on their social channels or share internally, a GIF, and a stamp that they can use on their email footers, their website or any other assets.

We developed the storyboard for the video along with the Mar-Comms team at GroceryAid, with them devising the script and our team then putting this into static creative format. Once agreed, we then took this into animation, applying an energetic and celebratory style and then rendering out each video for the 250+ organisations that were awarded with year.

Congratulations to everyone that has been awarded with a GroceryAid award.