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Educate LLC

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    Educate LLC

The Project
March 2023

Innovation and transformation tools for schools in the U.S.


Educate LLC are a New York based organisation whose primary focus is to provide innovative and transformational training and coaching to schools, students and teachers. The services they provide help to develop skills around the use of technology in the classroom, as well as AI and other digital advancements.


We took on the brand strategy that had been developed for Educate following an extensive research and analysis project. The strategy that was developed encompassed their values, vision and mission, providing cohesion across all aspects of their business.

The strategy provided us with a foundation of information to be able to develop creative concepts for the visual branding of the organisation. We pulled together multiple mood boards, settling on the concept of the infinite development around technology and learning. We took this and created a full brand identity, applying this slick and modern style across all touchpoints including business collateral, service catalogues, website design and development, presentation and social graphic styles and digital outputs.

Working with Educate, we restructured the website to make the content easier to navigate and modernised the visual aesthetic. We also recreated their Innovation Spectrum in a more visual way, to allow users to understand information better.