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Thomas Alexander

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    Thomas Alexander Architects

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    Brand Development

The Project
December 2016

Thomas Alexander is an architectural design practice which started it’s life as SEE Design Studio. After growing and developing over time, the company rebranded to follow its new direction within the industry.

As the managing director of the practice had established, in the industry, people invest in people and so the key to this rebrand was to mould the company name around the company founder. Thomas Alexander was selected, using the founders first and middle names rather than surname, as this gave a more welcoming feel and approach to the brand.

Once the name was established, we began creating clean cut typographic responses to the logo and developed the icon from a combination of the T and A. This then moved on to incorporate more spokes to create the golden ratio, an element used a lot in the architectural industry.

The outcome was a clean-cut and modernistic brand which can be applied across multiple applications with ease.