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The Project
October 2016

Lizzie Starling is an up and coming photographer with a very unique style of working and a distinctive portfolio that reflects it. Lizzie photographs using only natural light, and uses minimal editing in post production, so as not to detract from the clean, natural style of the images.   

Lizzie works in social media and marketing as well as running her own successful photography business.  As she was keen to approach more affluent clients and market her company to the right audiences, we wanted to develop a strong brand that would extend beyond business cards and website, and that could be implemented in future as a watermark on the images when they were presented to clients for approval.

With this in mind, we needed to create a brand that was simple and clean, so as to not interfere with the outputs dramatically.  We developed a simple typographic solution using corner framings to compliment the framing element of photography.

This brand was then condensed into an ‘LS’ format for use on smaller outputs such as social media.