Jenny Jayne

The Project
August 2016

Jenny Jayne Ltd is the company of Jenny Jayne Cachero, a London-based freelance edit assistant and Final Cut Pro editor.

As an emerging entity within the advertising and film industry, it is important that a professional look and feel is portrayed when dealing with high-end clients, and so Jenny Jayne put in a request for a brand, business cards and corporate stationery.

We developed a brand that is simple, reflecting the clean-cut precision work that is carried out by Jenny Jayne. A structured sans serif typeface which has been cut to create bespoke elements and the inclusion of the time stamp symbol replacing the ‘A’ in Jayne meant that there was a reference to the industry and service.

Following the creation of the logo, we created a business card layout that was printed on triple layered board using black as the central colour, strengthening the brand.