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Jeremy Peters Photography

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    Jeremy Peters Photography

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    Website Design & Build

The Project
December 2016

Jeremy Peter’s Photography focuses on capturing life moments, just as they are. Jeremy focuses on portraiture and wildlife photography, the latter lending itself to the long periods of time he spends in Africa with his family.

Jeremy came to us to ask for assistance with setting up an email newsletter template, and since this initial discussion, we collaborated on two website projects for the two styles of photography.

The portraiture site acts as a portfolio for Jeremy to sell his services and to allow users to view the galleries of photographic styles as well as read about the types of equipment and more information about himself as a photographer.

We then duplicated this site and style and created the same layout for the wildlife photography website, which also has an e-commerce aspect integrated, allowing users to purchase prints of the photographs that Jeremy takes on his travels.

The email newsletter template then followed the design of these two sites, ensuring continuity across the brand and building up equity.