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BNI Member Packs

The Project
March 2019

Modernising a traditional aspect of global networking.


BNI, founded in 1985 by Ivan Misner, is arguably the worlds leading ‘referral organisation’. Designed and working to build relationships between its members, the network boasts $14bn worth of referral since its inception and has a base of around 242,000 members worldwide. The UK alone generated £482m of business across its thousands of members, all of which pay a subscription fee to be a part of the organisation.


As part of the ongoing development and modernisation of BNI as and organisation, we were commissioned to update the brand piece that is received by each and every individual that joins as a member. This piece was a Filofax containing materials such as a CD ROM, name badge, lapel pin badge and a mass of printed information that dated quickly.

We worked with BNI to understand what the members used from their packs and gained ideas as to what they wanted to see. Taking the results from a focus group survey, we then devised a plan to create a pack that would be contained in easily recyclable packaging, would look clean and reflect that brands of the time and would make members proud to be a part of the organisation.

This piece contained a screen printed pen, a debossed, bespoke interior notebook, a business card holder made of PU and debossed with the BNI brand and the lapel pin badges. Each piece was contained within its own section in a slick slip case, printed with just the BNI brand and finished with a soft-touch laminate to create a premium look and feel to the new members pack and something to be truly proud of.

With over 15,000 units having been distributed by BNI already, this is one of the most popular pieces of collateral in town!