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The Project
January 2018

As part of their strategy to provide excellent services to their clients, Synetec devised a product that will help with the analysis of information from all forms of communications collected within various institutions. Anasight was created to provide businesses with insights and drive better behaviours and business decisions.

We developed the naming of this platform alongside the team at Synetec, as well as devising the three key modules; Aspect, Pano and Fore.

In taking this forward to the creative application, we kept this brand in a similar style to that of Synetec, harnessing the power and reputation of the company to reinforce the newly built platform. This meant that we retained the colours in line with those from the Synetec brand but utilised a much more fluid and connected icon and typography.

We then created a simple one pager for use by the sales team and a clean website as a platform for online presence that can be built on with future development of the brand.